High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High intensity interval training, HIIT for short, is a training method to improve athletic performance in a very short time. HIIT has a very positive effect on the body, metabolism, stimulates fat burning and increases cardiovascular capacity.

HIIT is not recommended for novice exercisers. It is too great a strain on the body when untrained and that is the opposite of what we try to achieve. Untrained athletes have a much greater chance of injury. Novice athletes may participate in the other strength and conditioning classes at Renzo Gracie Holland and then migrate to the HIIT program after consulting the instructors.

To train you need the following items:

- Sporting outfit
- Possibly shoes for inside use only


Kies een les/Choose a program
Als het mogelijk is, laat ons dan aub weten op welke dag en tijd je een proefles wilt volgen/ If possible, tell us which day/time you would like to try a class