Closed due to COVID-19

16 maart 2020

An update pursuant to our communication from last week. Although we deeply regret, we are also required to close the doors as a result of the ministerial decision. We rarely close, but we too must close to serve the common good in a united society. As you have heard and / or read, a period of general prohibition has been introduced until April 6.

• We will keep you informed of developments should we open earlier

• Take good care of yourself and your loved ones

• Keep your circle of contact as small as possible

• If you need help and we can help, let us know

• As you know, we are quite flexible to help everyone where necessary. When we reopen, we offer everyone where possible to make up for the missed lessons

Finally, we wish everyone the very best and we look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Team Renzo Gracie Holland

Kemail Verhoeven