Successful training camp from and at Renzo Gracie Holland

01 september 2020

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On August 21, 22 and 23 we had the first summer camp of all affiliated Renzo Gracie Holland teams from Europe. About 100 team members had registered from Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

It were three unforgettable days with good training, lots of fun and of course good food. Exchanging contacts, getting to know each other and helping each other were high on the agenda, which was continued on Saturday evening during the barbecue in a very relaxed way.

After the Saturday afternoon class, promotions took place. The following individuals were promoted to the next step in their BJJ journey:

The Netherlands

Blue belt
Marcel Vermeulen
Paul Rietveld
Menno Hertoghs
Michael Krijgsman
Jeroen Magnee
Stijn Quaars
Ismay van der Gugten

Purple belt
Paul Stekelenburg

Czech Republic

Blue belt
Michal Valenta
Vanessa Uhlirova
Jamal Allahverdizada
Jiri Lacina

On Sunday, the training camp ended with a double training session, after which everyone returned home with a satisfied feeling.