Submission Grappling

Submission Grappling at Renzo Gracie Holland

Submission grappling, or also called submission wrestling, is a grappling sport like BJJ, Judo, wrestling, sambo etc. Submission grappling distinguishes itself from these sports because all the techniques of the various grappling sports are used in submission grappling.

To give an example; wrestling in which no submissions are allowed, these may be used in submission grappling. The goal is exactly the same as in BJJ!

A very interesting fact is that in all submission grappling events, BJJ practitioners come out as winner. Therefore it can be concluded that BJJ is the most dominant grappling sport.

To train you need the following items (for your first class (es) the possibility exists to borrow from us):

- Grappling shorts
- T-shirt or Rashguard
- Mouth Protection (recommended)

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