Muay Thai

Muay Thai at Renzo Gracie Holland

Muay Thai, the martial arts from Thailand, emerged from the hand to hand combat of the Thai elite soldiers and was originally called Muay Boran. When matches took place in Muay Boran, rules were formed in order to extract the most deadly and destructive techniques. Muay Thai was very popular in the 70's and 80's. This popularity declined rapidly with the emergence of K-1. However, in recent years real Muay Thai is starting to gain ground again due to the popularity of MMA where Muay Thai is a critical component.

Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs, because you can kick with your legs and knees and punch with your fists and elbows.

At Renzo Gracie Holland, we emphasise learning the many Muay Thai techniques.

To train you need the following items (for your first class (es) the possibility exists to borrow from us):

- Sports outfit
- Boxing gloves
- Mouth guard
- Shinguards

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